Contact TP Burrow

We will be playing in Wildemount. You are free to pick any race from here or anywhere on Exandria.  However, you will be level 1. You will not be arch-mega ninja Jedi wizard techno-lycan heroes with legions at your disposal.  Please do not apply for credit in your backstory, that would take you out of this very broad generic example:)

Please answer the following to be considered as a Player in a Burrows RPG worlds game 2022.

  • Do you have Discord?
  • If so what is your user name and # number?
  • Have you ever used Roll20 before?
  • Which Time Zone do you prefer to play in?
  • Tell me something you want to do in D&D.
  • Tell me anything you don’t want to see in your D&D adventure.
  • Tell me something about your character, Who are they? What do they want?
  • What Class is your character?
  • What’s your favorite Critical Role quote?

Games are charged at $15 USD per person, per session. Payment is expected in advance, speak to your GM if you need time to pay. For this, you will be given full access to:

  • Burrows RPG worlds Discord Player Server
  • All of my Roll20 Compendiums
  • Your first game is free
  • All of your character backstory prep is free
  • One-shots are always free.
  • All of my support to enjoy your adventure
  • X-Card system for protection for all players .
  • New players welcome.
  • We all start at level 1.

Good Luck Brave Adventurer.

All applications will be responded to before the end of October 2022 If you have not heard from me by then, I hope to see you next year. (Check your junk mail)

Those chosen will be invited to my player Discord server. There we will enjoy some one-shots to see if any natural teams are formed, and we will schedule games according to Player preferences and scheduling requirements.

First games will be played before the end of October 2022