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TP Burrow – Gamesmaster

Adventures in strange lands

I have been a Gamesmaster since 1992 and its a skill I take for granted sometimes. Part Narrator, Part Director, Part Referee, Part Counsellor, A slice of Voice acting a drizzle of world building and a healthy dose of improvisation aid me in making this a role I get immense pleasure from and thus excel in its delivery.

After a lifetime working in Customer services for many Industries, I ensure each Adventure is tailored to the needs of the Customer and far exceeds their previous expectations, redefining them for those that come after me.

I also offer GM lessons, if you want to learn rather than wait 20 years for wisdom to hit you in the face, I am happy to pass on what I have learned.

Prices are $15USD Per person per session. Payment is required in advance, your first session is free, all of your backstory prep is free and you will be granted full access to all of my Roll20 Compendiums to help you build your character.

We will smoothly merge your character with the world in which you play. We have multiple layers of protection for new player security and contingencies in place to help everybody at the table enjoy their experience.

We enjoy many adventures in many times and places, you are welcome to read about some of them here: https://talesfromtheeverlands.blogspot.com/

Burrow Merch: https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/burrows-rpg-worlds

Contact Details

Twitter – burrow_phil

Youtube Highlights

I enjoy Critical Role and edit Highlights for fun, It has allowed me to meet some amazing people and practice a hobby I enjoy.

The Legacy of the Everlords

“I just gave it a go for fun. Burrow his use of roll20, epic voice and great maps/preparations makes for a great immersive experience!”


“Over the past 5 years and present day I’ve been lucky and grateful to have been part of and co-created amazing stories in over 4 campaigns with him. Mr. Burrow creates a safe and empowering environment for new and experienced”


I always do a “Last time we met” speech at the beginning of each session to set the scene. This was one I did for the Everlords, after a Summer break.

The Apple Lords

Dungeons and Dragons Group

“Burrow was helpful, kind and patient with me which eased me into the whole game. The most excellent start to my dnd world.”

by Tattedkhaos

“The experience during play is immersing. His descriptions of the canvas in which we evolve are flawless and combats are epic. The NPC are lively all with their own identity and voice. He gives time for every player to shine in RP. What can I say more : he’s just really good at what he does”


Buy me a Coffee – https://ko-fi.com/tpburrow

My Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/user?u=22290478

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